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Juridically, the establishment of National Central Bureau (NCB) in a country is in accordance with chapter 22 of the ICPO-Inperpol Constitution which maintains that every member country must assign a body to function as the National Cantral Bureau for assuring relationships between internal as well as with the Secretary General of ICPO-Interpol.

In 1952 the Indonesia goverment sent 2 of its-envoys as observers at the 21 ICPO-Interpol General Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1954, Indonesia was officially accepted member of ICPO-Interpol. During this 1952-1954 period the Indonesian Government did not appoint any particular agenccy to function as NCB Indonesia. All issues relating to the duties of NCB Indonesia were executed by the Indonesia Prime Minister's Office. By the end 1954, by the issuance of the Decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia No. 245/PM/195 dated October 5, 1954, the government of the Republic of Indonesia assigned the State Police Bureau as NCB Indonesia to represent the Indonesia government in ICPO-Interrpol organization and Chief of State Police assigned as Head of NCB Indonesia to follow up on the Decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia.

In accordance with Attachment "J" of the Chief Indonesia National Police Ruling no. Pol. Kep/53/X/2002 dated October 1, 2002 concerning Organization and NCB-Interpol Indonesia Set Procedure, the duties of the Set NCB-Interpol INdonesia, besides maintaining cooperation/coordination through ICPO-Interpol in support of combating international/transnational crime, are also to maintain international cooperation as well as cooperation among countries for the provision of assistances in developing the Indonesian national Police through education, training and technology and also through the "Peace keeping operation" activities under the United Nations.

International Relations Division

International Relations Division is a sub organization under Indonesian National Police (INP), It is established based on Chief of INP Decree No. 21, 2010 on Structural Organization and framework at the INP Headquarters level. This organization has been the result of validation carried out within INP organization which previously known as a Secretariat of NCB-Interpol Indonesia. International Relations Division has been formally effective since September 2010 as an assistant chief of the INP for controlling police international relations. The Division functions as to organize and carried out the activities of NCB-Interpol Indonesia in its effort to combating international/ transnational crime and to coordinate and undertake international missions such as peace keeping, humanitarian missions and capacity building, as well as participate in giving protection for Indonesian citizens in abroad. The Division provides functions as follows:

  • Planning and developing personnel and logistic administrations, clerk and internal affairs, financial service, and provide strategic review and analysis on the implementation of police international cooperation
  • Preparing overseas travelling administration for INP personnel, and providing protocol coordination on the activities of official visit abroad and representatives’ visit from international organizations
  • Undertaking inter-agency cooperation in the course of combating international and transnational crime, exchanging information on criminal intelligence, conducting international public services, giving technical assistance and investigation tactics related to Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA)
  • Information exchange on international/ transnational crime and other information related to international events and international cooperation through communication networking system of INTERPOL, ASEANAPOL, DPKO (Department of Peacekeeping Operations) and other information technology system
  • Providing coordination with other related institutions and facilitating police personnel who prepared for prior to deploying in the peace keeping missions and humanitarian missions
  • Providing coordination with other related institutions, especially police forces and international organization (UN, ICPO-Interpol) and other formal international institutions in the course of improving capacity building of INP
  • Undertaking the placement of and supervise Indonesian Police Attaches/ Senior Liaison Officers (SLO) and Police Technical Staff/ Liaison Officer (LO) as well as the INP personnel be on duty in overseas, in international organization and at police offices in accredited country
  • Providing coordination with other police Attache or Law Enforcement LO of other countries in Indonesia, and also providing coordination and communication with related institutions in the course of maintaining security and law enforcement in border areas
  • Providing relation for international cooperation in abroad including cooperation in police matters, maintaining law enforcement and giving protection for Indonesian citizen abroad

The International Relations Division is divided into two bureaus:

Secretariat of NCB-Interpol Indonesia

Secretariat of NCB-Interpol Indonesia has function to maintain, supervise and manage the task of NCB-Interpol to conduct international cooperation including bilateral, trilateral and multilateral cooperation. Secretariat of NCB-Interpol Indonesia has 4 departments:

  • International Crime Department has the task of undertaking of INTERPOL cooperation in preventing and combating international/ transnational crime. Apart from that this department also has the task of giving international public service related to crime, criminals and also giving assistance on international law, and also keeping and protecting Indonesian citizens in foreign countries
  • International Communication Department has the task of managing and developing information exchange system in preventing and combating international/ transnational crime through communication networking facility of INTERPOL, ASEANAPOL and other means of communication. Moreover this department also collect information and data processing, publication and documentation of activities undertaken by International Relations Division
  • International Convention Department has the task of preparing upon the implementation of international agreements or treaties and organizing international forums whether in the country or in abroad related to combating international/ transnational crime and improving capacity building of human resources and institution facilities
  • Liaison Officer (LO) and Border Department has the task of maintaining Police Attache/SLO and Police Technical Staff/LO duties in abroad, as well asundertaking law enforcement cooperation at the boundaries area

International Mission Bureau

International Mission Bureau has functions to manage, maintain, and supervise over the implementation of international missions, including peacekeeping mission, humanitarian mission and capacity building mission. The International Mission Bureau consists of two departments namely:

  • Peace Keeping Mission Department has the task of undertaking peace keeping missions and non-conflict humanitarian mission in association with other international organizations
  • Capacity Building Department has the task of managing international cooperation and reiterating closer relationship networking with embassies staff and foreign Police Attaches in the country to improve the capacity of Indonesian police and its facilities

List of Secretary of NCB-Interpol Indonesia:

  1. 2010-Now Brig. Gen. Pol. Drs. Arief Wicksono Sudiutomo
  2. May 2008-2010 Brig. Gen. Pol. Drs. Halba Rubis Nugroho, MM.
  3. November 2006-May 2008 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Iskandar Hasan
  4. May 2003-Oct 2006 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Sisno Adiwinoto,M.M.
  5. Nov'2002-April 2003 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Nanan Soekarna
  6. Oct 2000-Oct 2002 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Dadang Garnida
  7. May-Sept 2000 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Made M. Pastika
  8. March-May 2000 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. James D.Sitorus
  9. 1998-Feb 2000 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Wayan Ardjana
  10. 1996-1997 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Ahwil Luthan
  11. 1994-1996 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Sonny Harsono
  12. 1992-1994 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs.Suharyono
  13. 1991-1992 Col. Pol. Drs. Ronny Lihawa
  14. 1987-1990 Col. Pol. Drs. Tony Sugiarto
  15. 1986-1987 Col. Pol. Drs. Daan Sabadan
  16. 1984-1986 Col. Pol. Drs. Tony S.K
  17. 1982-1983 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Soeharjono
  18. 1982-1983 Col. Pol. Drs. Karpono
  19. 1974-1982 Col. Pol. Drs. Sidarto Danusubroto SH
  20. 1971-1974 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Muslihat Wiradiputra
  21. 1964-1971 Brig.Gen. Pol. Drs. Wahyudi Wiriodihardjo
  22. 1956-1964 Comm.Pol. Drs. K. Soeroso
  23. 1954-1956 Comm.Pol. Drs. Soedjono Partodidjojo.